Dr.Varaprasad Reddy

Dr.Varaprasad Reddy does not fit into any single category. He began with a degree in Engineering. He worked in various capacities in private and government enterprises and earned many degrees along the way. So is he an academic?

Back in the 1990s, when he attended a WHO conference in Geneva he was struck by the dependence of India on the international pharmaceutical industry. This, combined by the disparaging talk of India's inability to manufacture world-class medicines, motivated him to set up a state-of-the-art laboratory and research facility to develop recombinant based vaccines and therapeutic proteins at subsidized rates in Hyderabad, India. His inspiration was and is his mother, after whom he named his venture - Shantha BioTech. Dr.Varaprasad Reddy and his team have won numerous awards and have achieved international acclaim for their contribution in this critical field. Research never stops at Shantha Biotech. Their mission is to produce cost-effective drugs within the reach of the common man, maintaining international quality standards. Entrepreneur? Researcher and patriot?

Numerous people have been touched by Dr.Varaprasad Reddy's generosity. He's helped create entrepreneurs, he's helped students finish their degrees. He's made artists realize their dreams and friends cross difficult times. Philanthropist then?

"Madisannaka kaasintha kalaaposana vundaali..." said a a great Contractor. Dr.Varaprasad Reddy began Haasam Patrika which then evolved into Haasam Publications, to keep the spirit of Telugu art, literature and humor alive and available to all Andhras. A serendipitous meeting with Bapu and Ramana was the start of a great relationship. Dr.Varaprasad Reddy published Kothi Kommachi, which was being published as a serialized autobiography of Mullapudi and Bapu in Swathi magazine, as a book. Patron of arts and literature then?

It is rather difficult to slot Dr.Varaprasad Reddy into any single category.

Always smiling, generous to a fault, ardent lover of music, voracious reader. We present our next esteemed voice: Dr.Varaprasad Reddy.

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