Vara Mullapudi

Vara Mullapudi presents the last few episodes of Kothikommachi (Volume 1) with Sri SPB. Having grown up in an ambience of art, literature and humor, Vara has been an avid student of cinema and Bapu-Ramana all his life.

Vara trained as a commercial pilot, although he was unable to pursue that as a career. Joining Bapu as his assistant, he had the fortune to work with him and learn the art. He went on to direct TV serials and then joined Sri K Raghavendra Rao's camp as his assistant.

Vara has to his credit, a Kannada film, two Telugu films, numerous ads (for which he has won AP State Government awards) and TV serials, as he continues on his journey in the world of celluloid.

Vara's love for cinema, humor and art is inherited from his father and uncle, having enjoyed their stories right through his childhood. Their friendship, their films, their escapades, their humor - he has seen some of it, heard a lot of it, and now presents most of it: Vara Mullapudi is indeed honored to present the audio version of Kothikommachi.

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