Anantha Sriram

Anantha Sriram was born and educated for most part in Palakolllu. After a tentative tryst with Engineering, he discovered that he could write lyrics better than formulae and left college to join the film industry. And has never had to look back.

Anantha has a strong background in music and the arts - having learnt the basics of Carnatic music and having participated in many plays and competitions throughout his childhood. Even from the beginning of his career that began in serendipity, his flair for penning poetry earned him the respect and following that is so elusive in Telugu cinema. He is a much sought after lyricist today, having worked for super hit films and superstars.

Anantha, in spite of his popularity, remains a simple and well-grounded person, taking life in his stride. He loves a good laugh, good music and literature.

We are happy to present our next reader: Anantha Sriram.

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