SS Rajamouli

Known to industry insiders as Jakkanna, SS Rajamouli has in a short span of time dreamt, and then set about making those dreams a reality. He has achieved what few others in the industry can even dare to aspire - delivered super hits all in a row. He has managed to capture the imagination of young and old; and at once inspires jealousy and admiration both in and out of the film industry for this unique niche he has carved for himself. An introduction to this movie magician would be but redundant.

As Mullapudi often said, there is no such thing as "an overnight success". Behind that one night's success are tons of dreams, mountains of hard work, and years of frustration and reams of learning. Rajamouli is no exception. His path to the well-deserved success would have defeated a lesser man. Not so Jakkanna. His love for cinema, his creative streak and his tenacity to stick to his ideals brought him the kind of success that is rarely seen in this day of one-film wonders.

Rajamouli comes from a family devoted to cinema. His father is the well-respected writer Vijayendra Prasad, and his uncle is the music maestro MM Keeravani. Life, however did not present shortcuts; he learnt the craft by working as assistant to editors, and mega-directors and even as he watched producers turn away from his stories. Eventually he took his first steps into the skeptical minds of the Telugu cinema audience as director. And has never had to look back.

He is Jakkanna - much like the the immortal sculptor who agonizes over every angle, every frame and every ray of light to touch his work of art. He is known to be a terror on the sets, yet remains a fun-loving, loyal friend to the few who know him.

Presenting, SS Rajamouli, as he leads us through the next expedition into Kothikommachi.

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