About Mullapudi

Much has been said about Mullapudi. He lived on his own terms and left on his own terms. Born in Dhavaleswaram, Andhra Pradesh, he spent most of his life in Chennai. He was born to Mullapudi Simhachalam and Adhilakshmi, and brought up by many loving, kind, indulgent, strict, smart, sarcastic and large-hearted mothers.

There's not much we can add here that he has not already told in his startlingly honest autobiography. To the many who knew him through his books, he was a word-smith, a social satirist, and film-maker. To the numerous folks who ventured to meet him, despite their worries of meeting with such a "great" personality, Mullapudi was surprisingly friendly and approachable, generous and eloquent. To his family he was loving, gentle, funny, witty and caring. To the one man who walked with him longer than anyone who ever knew him, he was simply: friend, philosopher and guide. His mentor, his most ardent fan and his soul mate, stood by Mullapudi's side to the very end.

To misquote his favorite quote: Mullapudi is dead. Long live Mullapudi.

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