Sri Gunnam Gangaraju

Sri Gunnam Gangaraju loves a good movie. And a good book. And good art. His checkered background shows a man who's constantly in search of the perfect way to express a creative thought. From straight bank exams to glamorous ad agencies to tiresome door-to-door sales to making rib-tickling greeting cards - he's been there, done that. And is still in search.

Sri Gangaraju's journey landed him in films where he has explored a mystery, a thriller, a drama and even a disturbing, yet thought provoking study on human nature. His dialogues provoke, tickle and make the movie-goer aware that films are but an extension of the life around us. His ideas come from everywhere - funny anecdotes, little-known heroes, well-known villains: real life incidents that will matter to folks like you and me.

Which is what drew him to Bapu and Ramana's autobiography and to lend his voice to the next few chapters.

Presenting the next narrator of Kothikommachi: Sri Gunnam Gangaraju.

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