Chandra Bose

Chandra Bose needs no introduction to the Telugu film music lovers. He has electrified young and old with his haunting and catchy and classical and contemporary lyrics for some of the biggest hits in the recent years.

Born in Warangal, Chandra Bose didn't know what the future had in store for him as he earned his degree in Electrical and Electronics. His love for music and poetry grew deep within him and soon paved his way to success. Chandra Bose is one of those rare lyricists who start with a tune to write his lyrics; he is as well versed in music composition as he is in song-writing.

Chandra Bose is rated one of the best lyricists in the Telugu film industry, and his songs have won acclaim in many a forum. Nandi Awards, Aatreya Manswini, Sri Sri Smaraka Puraskaaram, Dhasaradhi Award, just to name a few. He has written more than 1600 songs and has worked for over 500 films. And numerous gems among them.

Mullapudi was particularly fond of one song that Chandra Bose wrote – " Yekkado Perigi" from Student No. 1 and time and again remembered the lyrics.

We are happy to present the next couple of chapters, narrated by Chandra Bose.

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