Bapu (Sattiraju Lakshminarayana) needs no introduction. As a leading influence on Telugu culture, he has managed to capture the essence of the region in his cartoons, art, and movies. Quoting abundantly from the mythologies, Bapu can easily bring a riot of laugh to his audiences, where the lord influences a situation in his inimitable way. His biting sarcasm and wit in social art has set a genre in place, while his formal art forms of the Telugu woman and the numerous deities of Indian mythology have created the aspiration in every woman to be a "Bapu Bomma."

His penchant for preserving the Telugu nativity in his movies can be seen in the choice of artists, especially the dusky female leads and villains who portray powerful antagonism without being loudly evil or brashly ruthless. With Mehdi Hasan's liquid notes floating from the stereo, Bapu is quietly chaotic in his work, while legends like Dali, Wodehouse, Bade Sahib and others watch down from their august positions on his studio walls. With Ramana beside him, the duo lets no instance pass by without a wry observation-leaving the listener dissolving in helpless mirth.

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