SP Balu

S P Balasubrahmanyam or Balu or SPB as he is affectionately known, is known in India and abroad for his mellifluous voice and versatile style. He sings, he acts, he composes, he produces and directs. And he loves a good laugh.

SPB has sung more than 39,000 songs in all major Indian languages, dubbed for all the major stars either from Telugu to Tamil or vice-versa and has won hundreds of accolades for his contribution to the film industry.

SPB's association with Bapu-Ramana began years ago in Bangaaru Pichika, where as the story goes, he declined an offer to act in exchange for a chance to sing! A strong bond of friendship formed and continues to this day. Sometimes it's the jokes that draw them together, sometimes the music, sometimes just a warm bond of mutual respect brings the three to sit down for "sessions" in Bapu's studio.

It's that same respect that urged Bapu and Ramana to request SPB to read just the first chapter of Kothi Kommachi as an introduction to the audio book. And the same respect that prompted SPB to read the first 5 chapters in one sitting.

Mullapudi's compelling experiences have been brought out eloquently through SPB's unique style of reading. His famous yet relaxing voice brings out every nuance of Mullapudi's humor.

Enjoy the experience. Enjoy the Bapu-Ramana-Balu's Kothi Kommachi!

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